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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Food for the Week

Rice and chicken, Stew and Efo Riro

Efo Riro

Fried rice + Chicken


Sorry the pictures kinda suck this week! I was tired when I was done!

Hello everyone! I hope everybody's weekend was amazing. I had a VERY busy weekend albiet a little lazy at the same time. On Sunday night however I decided to cook my meal for the week in an effort to save time and actually eat food.(which BTW is my biggest problem-I don't eat enough!!!) My schedule during the week can be really crazy, and as the summer months draw nearer and the appeal to workout is even higher, I find myself going straight to bed(read twitter) by the time I get home after 7pm. I decided to cook enough for the week, and refrigerate it and hopefully this would allow me to make better and healthier eating choices. So I cooked Fried rice, stew and efo. I am sure somwhere during the week, I would make alferdo pasta or lasagne or even steak, but these are staples that can take me a long way for the week. Everyone should try it...I did this in about 2 and a half hrs. an voila I am set for the week. Have a blessed one!

2cups rice
5 chicken drumsticks
Frozen Mixed veggies(corn, peas, carrots, peppers,)
Chopped Onions
Oil to fry.

Boil rice in water and a pinch of salt till it is soft.
Boil chicken with the spices till it is cooked and put in the oven to grill. about 300c for 30mins
In a frying pan, Add 3 table spoons of oil, When hot, add chopped onions, frozen veggies and spices.
Allow to fry for 5mins or until onions are sauteed.
Add rice stir till the rice is thorougly mixed with the sauce.

Do this over and over till the rice is done. Depending on how big your pan is and how much you make.

remove chicken from oven and voila we have fried rice and chicken..:)


Ingredients. ...

Spinach/Clean and cut.
Beef (Boiled) Save stock.
Dried fish
Tomato sauce
Fresh tomato
Onion powder
Crushed red pepper
Minced Garlic
Palm oil

Saute onion, tomato and garlic in palm oil
Add tomato sauce and let simmer for 3-5 mins.
Add boiled meat, stock fish, dried fish
Add beef stock (Very little, cos spinach produces water)
Add spinach
Add all seasoning.(maggi, adobo...whatever you like)
Simmer and cook down till there's little or no liquid left.

Very easy to make...make sure the heat is on low the entire time..

Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Curry Rice

Its been a minute since i posted on here. I have slacked with my daily cooking :( I am trying to do this diet thing. So I have eliminated a lot of carbs from my meals and I'm eating mainly fruits and veggies *insert sick face here* This does not mean once in a while I do not throw in some carbs. Like last night I ate poutine. It is a Canadian delicacy *insert yummmynessssss here* so fattening but so good. This post is about curry chicken. It is one of my favorite sauces with rice, except stew. It is also very easy to make. Made this sometime last week. Sooo good!

If you need Recipes please drop a comment and I will email them as per usual..:)

Hugs and Kisses


Chicken(chicken breast, boneless, cut in cubes)
Garlic cloves
Curry Powder
sour cream
Spice(salt,maggi,adobo,etc depends on u)

in a pan fry onions and garlic in curry till it is caramelized
spice chicken in another pan and let it sautee for like 10mins or until you can tell it is cooked (do not let the water dry up)
Once chicken is cooked, pour 1 table spoon of sour cream into chicken broth to thicken it. add onions and garlic from earlier and let it simmer for about 5mins. TASTE. if it has a very sharp/sour taste, add a little(I/2 tsp) flour to neutralize it. let simmer for about 5 more minutes and it is ready.

To whom it may concern- seeeee!!!! I wasnt lying!! #uknowwhoyouare