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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Porridge Yam + Shrimp Salad!

Hello Lovlies! How is everyone doing, I hope the week was great and the weekend is looking up, and to my American readers, I hope you are all having a great Memorial day weekend. I also want to thank everyone that Nominated me for best food blog! I am so excited and thankful. Now please vote for me!!!! I WANT TO WIN OHH!! Nominee is not enough..I keeeed!

On to today's post. I cooked Porridge Yam on Wednesday, after reading a post by Audeo and I remembered I had not eaten it in a while! So off I went to the African store after work. All in all it was SO worth it! I loved it. I think I cooked it the Igbo/rivers way cos I noticed Yoruba people don't put leaves...anyways this is how we always cooked it around my parts!

This evening My friend Cindy came over to my house to hangout, it was so much fun and when we got hungry we had SHRIMP SALAD!!!! It was soooooooo GOOD!!!She made it, so all credit goes to her, if you need a recipe holla at me, and I gatchu as we go

You Can eat it like this with just Balsamic Vinaigrette or for a more unhealthy option..which we all opted for....

If you need recipes, please do not hesitate to send me e-mail as usual or tweet @ me..:) Have a blessed week and long weekend! DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME!!

P.S Nice Anon- I promise, I will make Red velvet cake next weekend! I have been very busy lately!

Hug and Kisses

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I did this Afternoon

Today a friend of mine that I met through church came to spend the day with me. we went shopping and walking and then came home and made a late lunch. It was all very fun and I enjoyed my time with her a lot. I am very grateful for the few friends I have made since moving to Ottawa 5 yrs ago. They keep me grounded and my church family are very special to me. My pastor and his wife are like my parents. They worry about me, call me, take care of me and most importantly pray for me. I love my church and if you are in the Ottawa area ensure to visit Rhema Christian Ministries, and you would NEVER want to leave! I can guarantee that.(ok enough promo...LOL )For lunch, we had Jollof rice, with chicken and Plantains. We were so full we fell asleep on the couch and woke up an hr later to have cookie dough ice-creme, while giving ourselves a manicure!!!!! Great day indeed! although rather unhealthy..gonna go try and work this food out with my WII!!!

Hugs and Kisses

P,S A heartfelt R.I.P To Nigeria's President Umaru Musa Yaradua.
"A human life is a story told by God" ~Hans Christian Andersen.
Another sad day for Nigeria...#sigh