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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chicken et Sweet Potatoes.

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well, I did not cook much these past few weeks, because I am moving to a new apartment so been busy busy! So here is something I made a while ago. Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!. Naija in a couple of days for me..yay!



yankeenaijababe said...

Hey girlie, am so hungry right now. You tempting me so Hope all is going great. This is so good.

yankeenaijababe said...

Welcome back!!! I can imagine, can't wait for pictures via facebook and blogger. Are you still using your old blog or this blog. I have been reading this blog and not commenting on the old one....really happy for you. There's no place like home


i was hungry already and then I saw this.

oooh weee. I am starving!!!!

Hope your trip went well!

Original Mgbeke said...

It is 3am and I am starving! It's been a minute oo...abeg bring chocomilo from Naija. :-)

Afrobabe said...

Now I'm hungry!!!

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