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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Dinner

Hey guys

Happy New year from this side of the blog. I know I never update it as often as I would like, but I have some great pics for you today. I spent my first Christmas away from my family this year and I had mixed emotions about it. I was happy to finally be able to say I am an adult but sad as I missed my mummy and all her yummy cooking! So I gathered a few of my friends and had dinner GOODTIMES!! enjoy!

The Entire table..I think the meatpie is missing..hmmmmmmm

Yep we had chocolate fondue for desserrrrrrrrt..:0 yummy!!

My Personal persons...:)

Ok I am tired of putting up pictures! you get the idea! it was a fun night!!! Ohh just like Vera I need a Nikon D90 DSLR so I can take better pictures.. who wants to get one for me? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! i'll cook for you..hehe..:)

Ms. O


dat one okrika said...

Popped over from Avartsy, nice looks GOOD. what did you spice the meat in the fourth picture with? Thanks

Ms.O said...

Hey! Thanx for stopping by.
I boiled it as per usual with maggi curry,adobo spice, etc..then I fried the meat.I then made a pepper sauce from blended tomatoes and dried pepper, fried it for a bit then mixed the meat in it. I am a big fan of pepper though,so it was really hot.

dat one okrika said...

thanks i appareciate it...i like pepper too.

Original Mgbeke said...

Did you cook all that? wow! Girl, you must marry my cousin o! LOL

Vera Ezimora said...

Okay, I just saw this. How dare you mention my name inside there?! LOL.

And you berra not get a Nikon D90 before me, or else, I'll show you my true color

Anyaposh said...

this is just so mouth-watering! woman you've done it again. I need to get on that cooking tip again, been slacking since i re-discovered the deli section at my grocery store!

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