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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day!

Hello lovers!

I made banana bread last Saturday. The recipe was so easy and the bread came out so good. Moist and simply amazing. Let me know if you need a recipe..

I actually cooked proper dinner's everyday this week. I was so proud of myself! Normally I am not a very health eater. I do not eat junk food per se.. I instead just do not all. I would eat a pita bread for dinner, Or cereal, So this week I challenged myself to cook everyday! I did succeed! so yay me!

Have an amazing Valentines day! I will be with my bottle of wine giving myself a pedicure and a facial while watching a movie..hehe!..Have fun loves! and be safe..In every essence of the word!...xx!


Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Ms.O!!!!! U're making me hungry. That bread luks guuud. I wish i had a passion for cooking, besides the basic 9ja cooking skills suck. :(. I really wanna learn so bad.

Neways nice meeting u the other day. Have a fab week ahead!

dat one okrika said...

oh d food looks great and yeah please post a recipe or the bread.

Ms.O said...

Aww thanx new friend!

@ XYZ..leave me an e-mail. I would email you recipes.. thanx!

Original Mgbeke said...

Dayum! Ok babe, can you please start a recipe blog? 'cos you got a sister's stomach growling right about now.

dat one okrika said...

Ms.O said...

Ok Original..I would start putting up the recipe with the meals.. Coz I mostly email them! hehe

Somie said...
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Somie said...

Oh my gosh..that banana bread looks so yummmmmmmmmy...can I have the recipe pls?

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