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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meat-Pie + Pasta Galore!

I had been craving meat pie for a while now and not the #abaversion Jamaican patties(LOL) but real Nigerian-kinda-meat pies. Well this weekend I called my favorite cookbook aka my mother and asked for a recipe. I also asked a few friends and got to work. The dough turned out amazing! the sauce part is the east part for me. For a first timer I guess being around the kitchen I knew the proper consistency and it turned out well overall. Next time I would have to work on the aesthetics though... I wish they looked as good as they taste.

I eat a lot of pasta because not only are they the fastest thing I make, they are also very easy and taste great. Seen as they are carbs, I am trying to limit my pasta intake therefore I am trying whole wheat pasta and other healthier choices instead and so far so good. Here are two different outcomes from this week.

I call this "Jollof Pasta"-- its just like making jollof rice instead you use pasta and add some ground beef...:)

Szchewan Stirfry

If you need recipes you know the drill!!!(E-MAIL ME OR DROP A COMMENT WITH YOUR E-MAIL) I have had a VERY exhausting week and its only about to get worse...sigh! But God dey!!!! Have a blessed week! (going to nap...*yawn*)

Hugs and Kisses

p.s you can always click on the pictures to get a bigger and sometimes better view..:)


Kemi said...

OMG..I was just thinking of meat pie and how I haven't had one in a long time!

I've just been introduced to this jallof pasta, my dad just got back to the states and made a biggg batch. It was definitely tasty but he didn't know what it was called. Now I know, i will be emailing you for these recipes!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Now meatpie is something I can make...not sure if it's Naija style (my mom likes it so I think I'm doing something right!).

Nice camera work too, lady!

Pearl said...

HI this is my first time on this site and i can tell you i will be coming back. Please can you send me the Meat-Pie recipe? PLEASE

My email is
Thank You

Original Mgbeke said...

Stupid blogger, just typed a comment and it lost it. Mchewwww.
Aniwoos I was saying chai, you do me bad thing o! The meatpie looks delishhh. Yum!
I'd ask for the recipe but I'm too impatient to roll the dough.

Anyaposh said...

oh lord! Ms. O...this meat pie looks like heaven! I can only imagine how they tasted...oohhhh... you've got me all kinds of hungry being here. Lemme go & find lunch before I start licking my screen!

braids said...

mmmmm girl these meat pies look DELICIOUS but like yourself I'm trying to cut down on carbs so I won't be making these anytime soon and that pasta....don't even get me started!

Ms.O said...

Thanks everyone for the comments!!!

@Anya I know you live in Canada whenever you are in the Ottawa area, Holla at me sweetie!!!

I'll e-mail you guys next week. Please bear with me becuase I am moving houses and I am very busy!...thank you for coming by!

Anyaposh said...

Ms. O, I'm moving to Ottawa next month! Been looking for apartments in centretown/sandy hill/byward market area. Any tips for a first timer?

LucidLilith said...

Ms. O abeg send me the meat pie e-mail is lucidlilith at gmail...thanks.

Anonymous said... u gonna put up pix like that and not add the recipes...especially for the meatpie? pls......

Seshe James said...

omg am so hungry now, Thanks to you

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