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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fish+Plantain...and a Saturday with Macaroons!

Hello all! Hope evryone's week went very well.I am still angry that you guys picked a man's food over mine! but it is well! hehe..anyways! I was craving fish one day this week as usual and I found a new african store just a walking distance from my house!!! So of course I had to go and chekirrrout! lol. This was dinner! YUMMY!

On saturday I made Macaroons! I had never made them before and I did not know how they would turn out. So I was very pleased when they came out right! Here is a quick picture.. If you run to my house, there might still be some!

Anywayz Got to run! I have an event to take pictures at, and it starts in an hr! and I am not even!!

Hugs and Kisses


Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

This babe u sha knw hw to mke our mouth water with fish sure does look gooood!!!

Good Naija Girl said...

Oh, is it that shop near Carlingwood? I still haven't been there!

I love me some fish and that fish is looking all kinds of delicious! *licks lips*

I'm sure the macaroons are all gone by now...too bad!

Hope you'll share the pics with us!

Ms.O said...

@Undercover- Thanx babe!

@GNG- Yes the one by Carlingwood also there is one of Richmond rd too! So close to me! I can make macaroons if you want to come by!

LovePaprika said...


Afrodiá¹£iac said...

Ok, how do i follow your blog so that I can get updated?

Nicosi said...

Oh my gosh, this post made me MAD hungry. Love your blog, keep up the good work!!!

Ms.O said...

Paprika- LOL!! SOWWY!!!!
@Afro-I think there is a follow thing on the side?
@Nicosi- Thank you for coming by!

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