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Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey guys! How are y'all doing? Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather that we have been having. I am totally in a spring frame of mind right now! I cannot wait to start wearing dresses and shorts again!and attend barbeque's have summer drinks on my balcony and just soak up the sun!
Anyway today's post is a meal that my special friend(LAWL) made for me when I went to visit him. I took a nap and he cooked me dinner! Don't you just love 21st century men? So after I ate that as his house that weekend, I was craving it some days later and set aside to make mine, with some changes of course..So please which one looks better?? ***pick mine..pick mine** hehe!

This is his. Steak with sauteed tomatoes and onions with Pasta on the side-#HUGEMEAL

MINE!!!..Steak with Grilled potatoes +Gravy and coleslaw. #hugemeal! I could not move after! LAWL!

If you do need recipes e-mail me and I would be glad to send them to you. The reason I don't post them up is because I don't have exact measurements of things. I just use my eyes! But if enough people tell me they dont mind, I would put them up..:)
Steak with Pasta and sauteed tomatoes

ball pepper

Spice the steak with curry, maggi, salt, garlic, onions etc and boil for like 10-15mins or until a little soft.

pop in grill under medium heat for about 20mins after that. you can rub grounded pepper on it if you are a big pepper person. turn once or twice while in the oven so that both sides gets cooked. Cook until soft.

for the tomato sauce just cut up tomatoes, onions, half a bell pepper and the little red peppers and fry on low heat for 10mins. add spices.

Have a Fab week everyone!
Hugs and Kisses


Anonymous said...

Ur "friends" meal is better

Jaycee said...

I kinda like the sauteed tomatoes & onions, so I'm gonna go with him. Lol.

neefemi said...

lol...i will go with him...urs is too nutritious hehehe, yes pls put up recipe...don't need the measurements

Anonymous said...

I gotta vote for his meal, but only because I don't like coleslaw! Sowwy!

Ms.O said...

HAHAHAHA!! THIS IS FRAUD!!! A SCAM!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! HE CANT WIN THIS..MSCHEWWWWW!..:( FINE I Liked his better too.. I just cooked with what I had at home..sigh..:(..Next time..I win!

Rene said...

i'm rooting for him....hehe... said...

Men... I was hoping urs was the first one... Men... Ohi ... we gas invite your "friend" over.... yels we must enjoy the fruits of your labour! hahahahahah

Pele next time... if u cook for me. Ill vote for u .. regardless.

Ms.O said...

mschewww JETO!!!
rene!! why!!!!

Fashinga said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! First time on this blog...I Looooveee..PLS post your recipes!!!!!!

Now, i'm actually the first and only person who likes yours better...because i hate PASTA and i dont like tomatoes much either...

I LOVE coleslaw and potatoes too so yours wins!! lol!!

Later luv!!

Ms.O said...

yay!! and this is why i love u!!! FINALLY SOMONE TAKES MY SIDE!!! hehe

Anonymous said...

I love his but your is fine too! Please I need to follow your blog. I'm desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do people follow?

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