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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Riblets et Potatoes

This week I am challenging myself to eat three times a day. I have VERY bad eating habits where I just do not eat. Not because I do not have food at home, but because I am not hungry. This has made my metabolism VERY slow. I am trying to jump start it(sigh). along with my ridiculous gym regimen, It is about to be a GOOD winter!

So today I cheated a little.. I went to church without eating..:( But I had a Jamaican patty right after church and got home and made this YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY DINNER! It might not be the healthiest but I was craving something messy with bbq sauce all over it. Tehehehehe..and voila..:)

I am making these YUMMY cupcakes tomorrow if you are in the Ottawa area (and I know you) stop by my house and grab one around 7ish. lol

*Have a good out for my article on soon!
*I also just signed up for a new project locally(Ottawa) as well! I am excited about it too! I'll fully let the cat out of the bag once I have everything set in stone!
* I am going to start a new section about drinks soon..I love making different drinks too and discovering new drinks..alcoholic and virgin..:) Watch out or that!

p.s Pardon my horrible photography. The lighting in my new kitchen is horrible and my flash was SO far away..and I was too hungry to go get it! lol

Hugs and Kisses
(click picture for bigger image)


Dee O. said...

Omg this looks DELICIOUS!!! What are you talking about "horrible photography", that picture looks great lol! I can't wait until you start your drink section, I'll definitely keep tuned in :)


Rene said...

no fair! i want yummy cupcakes, mail it to me in Toronto :d
i always eat patty after church

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