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Monday, November 1, 2010

Day Two: Fish pepper soup & plantains

In my quest to eat three times a day, I have to become more creative and I have to think outside the box of rice or pasta! So today I took it back to Naija made some GOOD fish pepper soup, grilled some plantains and DALLLLLMIIIITTTTTT! my friend Cindy and I where on could 9 for a minute. Tehehehehe. Very easy recipe.

1 Mackerel- cut into 4 pieces
1 onion
2 scotch bonnet peppers
curry,salt, garlic powder and dry pepper

In a pot, boil fish with 3 cups of water.
Add chopped onions and chopped scotch bonnet peppers.
add spices to taste
Let cook for 20mins or until fish is cooked.
Add more water if needed
serve with plantains, yams, rice or alone.

This is such a quick meal! and sooooooooooooo G.O.O.D!

Sneak peak at the cupcakes I was talking about....YUM!!!! Recipe and full post coming up. in a day or two...I am on a roll!!!!

do you see the oreo imprint on the bottom of the cupcake??? SUCCESSSSS!!!! *big grin*

Hugs and Kisses
(click on image to make bigger)


Fashion Guru said...

my sisterrrrrrr. i cannot believe i got to your blog with all this hunger im dealing with. i am definitely subscribing

Dith said...

looks so yummy!
love ur blog!

How exactly did u bake d plantains pls?

Jaycee said...

Peppersoup. God bless you. Lohi, you need a search bar so I can search for your delicious recipes :)

HoneyDame said...

OMG!!!! SO much Food!!!...I am Following right away and maybe I cant get away with making some scotch eggs half as nice as yours....

Dee O. said...

Absolutely amazing!!! Me and my mother seriously love this blog lol :)


Ms.O said...

Awww thank you so much guys!!! I am sooooo happy you guys love it!

Dee your mum *surprised face* Hi Dee`s mum!!!!! heheheh...:)

will be updating tonight..finally feeling better!

Ms.O said...

Ohh Dith!! I just cut them and put them in the oven till they are golden brown. In the summer time I grill them on a bbq rack..:)

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